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Mars G. Everson writes Sci-fi, Fantasy, and especially likes mixing both. His favorite authors in those realms are Ursula K. Le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, J.R.R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson. He became a writer mainly so he could put his name in the same paragraph as those writers. Mission Accomplished!

He would like to live in a time where technology is indistinguishable from magic. Luckily, reality is turning that way really fast. The bad part: reality is turning that way really fast.

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Thralls of a Tyrant God

In a world ravaged by a cataclysmic event and ruled by tyrannical gods, Senn, the Herald of the Lord of Greed, rises to power by helping others escape the oppressive city of the Hub. But when he is betrayed by his own god and left for dead in the desert, Senn must confront his past and seek out a new source of power in order to take down the Forever King and his Chainkeepers.

Along the way, Senn is forced to grapple with deeper questions about survival, love, memory, and kindness in a harsh world.

Part fantasy and part sci-fi, "The God Engine" trilogy draws on elements of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere and Iain M. Banks' Culture to create a unique and exciting narrative universe.

The Name of the Shadow

Fear is a double-edged weapon.

When a Shadow spreads over the utopian Colony, the only human enclave in a lonely planet, the young will be the first to understand the danger that hovers above them. What they find about themselves in that struggle will lead them to greatness... or to the destruction of their idyllic way of living.

Who will rise a hero, and who will become a monster?

In the tradition of Ursula LeGuin and Isaac Asimov, this is the story of a people that do not know fear... and what happens when they discover it. Of what is left when paranoia becomes all-encompassing, and men find the evil within each of them.

Brief Stories in the Multiverse

Brief Stories in the Multiverse is a collection of records where humanity prevails over technology, exploring the limits of memory, humanity, and love. Some earthlings from the 20th and 21st centuries would call it science fiction. The author calls them purely stories. And as the author continues to travel the Multiverse, he will add to this log the stories he collects.

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