Thralls of a Tyrant God

Book 1 of The God Engine Trilogy

In a world ravaged by a cataclysmic event and ruled by tyrannical gods, Senn, the Herald of the Lord of Greed, rises to power by helping others escape the oppressive city of the Hub. But when he is betrayed by his own god and left for dead in the desert, Senn must confront his past and seek out a new source of power in order to take down the Forever King and his Chainkeepers.

Along the way, Senn is forced to grapple with deeper questions about survival, love, memory, and kindness in a harsh world.

A Dark Fantasy Epic, "The God Engine" trilogy draws on elements of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere and Iain M. Banks' Culture to create a unique and exciting narrative universe.

Meet the Characters

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Senn, the Herald of the Lord of Greed

A rebel who led a revolt out of the Hub and set up a counterpower in Lordstown, the new settlement of the Lord of Greed.

Naial, a captive from The Hub

A survivor who has almost abandoned hope until she finds a new source of kindness amid the tyranny of the Chainkeepers.

Brand, a ward of the Chainkeepers

A lonely boy being trained to become a tyrant.

Mirai, Senn’s heir to Lordstown

Senn’s second in command and leader of his army, who has to decide if his allegiance is to his adoptive father or to greed.

The World

A broken, post-apocalyptic land where only the strong survive under the tyranny of the Forever King.

But a new power resists under Senn and the Lord of Greed.

As Hope lives again, new powers arise and new Heralds will shake the world.

The Warring Gods

The Forever King

Ruler of the Hub, a mythical figure who commands the Chainkeepers. No one has ever seen him but his presence reaches every life in the Lands

The Lord of Greed

A God that profited from fostering a rebellion against the Forever King. Commands Senn’s Army and rules over Lordstown, when not wandering the Lands alone.

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